...but not without issues... of course.


Some of the songs have already been uploaded on here. So the order is all out of wack. Until the digital download is released, you can always use the picture below as a guideline to how the tracklisting should go. I don't expect you to do extra work though, so use this site to skim through some of the songs, leave a review, & bare with me while I continue to upload the songs on soundcloud & the whole mixtape (with lyrics & everything) on mediafire.


Thanks for checking it out, unless you stumbled here by accident, in which case GTFOOH



2012-12-10 20:54:56 by RezzyTip

If you could give me a follow/fanning by clicking RIGHT CHEA I'd glady return the favor, just like YO MOMMA DID!

Mostly battles & wip songs go up here
Most of my solo-songs go to SoundCloud

Awesome things coming this year.

Check out the links in the side box if you wanna see videos, hear songs that aren't battles, or friend me on facebook (it's a personal profile, not a fan page)



2012-07-15 16:03:52 by RezzyTip

hmm. Whats new?

all different styles, hit me up if you got somethin nice

i'll list them and post them as they are completed
[will fill-in later]

yup. but who isnt making one?




2012-04-05 04:29:38 by RezzyTip

I spent a majority of last month expanding into every form of social media I found to be of good use. I'm still exploring/testing sites out to see what I like and dislike. I'm not creating all these thinking I have a huge fan-base to follow me around. I'm doing it because if I can pull a few different listeners through each site, it'll have been worth it. Also, whatever your niche website, you can find me there. I'll start posting all my links at the bottom of these "blogs."

So now that I've created all these pages, instead of trying to market them all, I'm going to go into hiding.
You may have seen me pop up on a few battles here and there. I was trying to gain experience with tracking, and finding a sound that isn't terrible. Now I will be working in my newly-built studio, not recording or tracking,just writing. This will put a hold on any new songs/battles/videos until I'm complete. I want to master each song, down to each rhyme, to each sentence, to each syllable before I record to ensure the best sounding result possible.

Not to give away too much info, but there will be some collabs dropping I will be appearing on, so I suppose I'll still be in that earhole, even during my absence.

After a decent set of songs are complete, I will be re-entering the performance circuit again. Hoping to acquire a few shows before a release party showcase.

I'll have studio updates over on twitter, if you're dying for an update.

Stay High//Stay Hype
--Rezzy Tip

@rezzytip on twitter
\/ Humble Drum Circle


2012-03-08 02:26:43 by RezzyTip

ohh snap, new username. After 7 years of being a dedicated member of this site, a pm to a dope-ass admin led to the demise of the username OzzFestFreak2 Thank god. Now that my name is Rezzy Tip, I can act mega-gangster.

ha. anyways... finally getting up and going, expanding into other websites. As I type this I have a few in the works, which I'll update here shortly, but for now:

Rezzy Tip Facebook
Rezzy Tip ReverbNation(exclusive songs not on NG [copywrite])
@rezzytip on twitter
Rezzy Tip Youtube Channel
gmail.com or NG PM me for collabs, mixtape hosting, exclusive nude photos, etc..

every now and then, you may see me pop up on a track over @HDC NG

and now for the main attraction;
BigRed presents CLABTRAP: MC Knock-Out
Official Site (w/ prizes, rules, mcs)
NG Discussion Thread
@clabtrap on twitter
clabtrap soundcloud
Rezzy Tip - Clabtrap 2k12 Hype Track

follow my battles and vote for me, or don't.
make sure to register with BigRed to vote (just send him a pm)



2012-02-15 16:12:02 by RezzyTip

I just bought one of the final pieces for my home-studio. I got a new condenser mic w/ a shock mount and pop-filter. I got a new computer just for music/video production (and school-work).

If those 3 sentences were tl;dr, basically no more defjam rapstar mic + audacity, it's time to up the quality. Also, I'll be expanding my music into other websites. All of my 2 fans can follow me on other sites, besides newgrounds and youtube.

Now, I need to shift my focus back onto college for a few weeks, but if all goes as planned, I'll be back soon.

Stay high/Stay Hype
--Rezzy Tip



2012-01-19 23:12:05 by RezzyTip

Mickey Mao vs. Rezzy Tip

Stay Tuned for Updates

--Rezzy Tip 2k12


mEDALS i N33Dz

2009-10-27 16:23:26 by RezzyTip

Xbox Live - SnatchMasterXL
Add Me

60 Active Medals Missing
Not including broken and removed medals.

Active and Obtainable;

Alkie Kong 2 (275)
--Beerbot Smash (25)
--Full Case (50)
--Olympian (50)
--Survivalist (50)
--Drunken Deity (100)

D-Day Defender (100)
--Master Tactician (100)

Doom Triple Pack (75)
--The Graveyard (25)
--Blasphemer (50)

Dragon Boy (150)
--Merlin's Apprentice (50)
--Dragon Lord (100)

Drop the Bomb (45)
--Bomb Squad (10)
--Trump Card (10)
--Marathon Grill (25)

Eon (225)
--Junior (25)
--Jury (50)
--Legend (50)
--Executioner (100)

Epic War 3 (300)
--Epiccardmaster (100)
--Epicheroes (100)
--Thegreatimp (100)

Extreme Gardening (200)
--All Golds (100)
--All Silvers (100)

Fig. 8 (100)
--Perfectionist (100)

Hippolyta (325)
--Cover Up (25)
--Cat and Mouse (50)
--Survivor (50)
--Hell and Back (100)
--The Spice of Life (100)

Knightfall 2 (300)
--One Chance Only (50)
--The Order of Thrift (50)
--Grandmaster Flash (100)
--Knightfall the First (100)

M-Bot The Game (150)
--Citysweeper (50)
--DaLongestMile (100)

Newgrounds Rumble (25)
--Survival Horror (25)

Paradox Embrace (150)
--Spacetime Traveler (50)
--Embracer of Paradoxes (100)

Primary (100)
--Where's My Coloring Book? (100)

Punk-o-Matic 2 (50)
--Cover Band (50)

Redder (175)
--Secrets, Part 1 (25)
--Secrets, Part 2 (50)
--Secrets, Part 3 (100)

Robo Run (100)
--Extreme Robo Runner (100)

Santa Fu! (50)
--Santa Fu Master (50)

ShellCore Command: Ep1 (225)
--All Ur Base R Belong 2 Us (25)
--Midcore Commander (25)
--Phat Lewt (25)
--Hardcore Commander (50)
--Shellcore Commander (100)

Sideways (150)
--Hero (50)
--Super Hero (100)

Sonny 2 (150)
--Predator (50)
--Over the Ashes (100)

Stickya Adventurya (100)
--You Must be Cheating (100)

Theia (150)
--Great Score (50)
--God Score (100)

Time Fcuk (200)
--Lost in Forever (50)
--The Assent (50)
--0)) (100)

Tetraform (50)
--C-C-C-C-Combo! (25)
--Sidekick (25)

Tetris'd: The Game (100)
--Ninja (100)

William and Sly (175)
--Deviation (25)
--Sensitive Nose (50)
--Sly Fox (100)

Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup (50)
--Skyrockets in Flight (50)


Drop the Bomb
--Someone Set us up the Bomb (25)--BROKEN

--Amateur (50)--BROKEN
--Pro (50)--BROKEN
--Champion (100)--BROKEN

Epic War 3
--4Musketeer (50)--BROKEN

Fig. 8
--Professional (50)--BROKEN

The Kill Kar II: Revenge
--Kustomized (25)--BROKEN

Level Up!
--Insomniac (50)--BROKEN

Mechanical Commando 2
--Boss Run (50)--BROKEN
--Mission Accomplished (50)--BROKEN

Medieval Rampage
--100 Achievements (100)--BROKEN

Seed of Destruction
--I Am Illiterate (10)--GLITCHED
--Hanging in There (25)--GLITCHED
--I Am Literate (25)--GLITCHED
--Pedestrian Devastation (50)--GLITCHED

Shift 4
--Foreclosure (25)--BROKEN
--Whoops (25)--BROKEN
--Hardclass (50)--BROKEN
--Woots (50)--BROKEN

--Shift Hold (5)--DISABLED

--Boom! (10)--BROKEN

...and somehow I'm still in the Top 50 Medal Point Users List
oh, and the cd below is fucking insane, check it out.

Newgrounds isn't the only website I pwn

2009-08-23 21:50:22 by RezzyTip

I chose the smiley with tape over his mouth, because I never understood what it was supposed to mean. I just assume it means I'm in the mood to duct tape someones mouth and proceed with violence.

Rap songs that I record as part of the "Cowsh Rapz" that can't be posted on newgrounds because of legal issues can be heard on myspace. Myspace is this brand new site where you can upload photos and add friends. it's super neat!

Cowsh Rapz - Click Directly on This Text, Yo

I make sweet ass videos with Tyler (Co-founder of cowsh rapz) and of course I don't want to be the idiot uploading real videos on newgrounds. I found this awesome new site called YouTube and you can upload almost anything as long as it contains no copywritten images references or any type of music that you didn't create yourself whatsoever. Oh and they sold themselves to Google so now we get to see more great offers from all the great sponsers. I love Pop-Ups. Who really would ever want a pop-up blocker? The offers are always so true and great.

Awesome Videos - Digital Disaster Youtube Page

Newgrounds isn't the only website I pwn